Visit to David Dyke – Luthier supplier

Last week I finally got round to making a visit to a real luthier supplier to choose my own wood rather than taking pot luck on the Internet.

Once I had negotiated the M25 and found David’s place “The Hall” – tucked away in a leafy corner of East Sussex I was made most welcome and started working my way through his (extensive) stock.  I had managed to pick out 4 sets of really nice resonant soundboards and some good looking Indian rosewood back and sides when digging around in the loft I came across some large beautifully figured maple blanks meant for a cello. Now I had been vaguely thinking about building one (I do play cello a bit) but until that moment this had been a guitar wood trip – it was about to get a lot more expensive!

Well the long and the short of it is I finally came away after many hours, much discussion with David – who is the personable character – and a few cuppas with a lighter wallet and a car full of wood sufficient for 4 new guitars and a cello!!

Maple back and neck blanks with maple sides
Maple back and neck blanks with maple sides

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