Cello Specifications

 4/4 Cello Spec


Back, ribs & neck Maple
Belly Spruce
End blocks Spruce
Corner blocks Willow
Linings Willow
Fingerboard, nut, saddle Ebony
Pegs Ebony


Upper bout width  344mm
Lower bout width  440mm
C-bout width  240mm
Body length  755mm
Belly arch 23mm
Back arch 25mm
rib thickness 1.5mm
rib depth 120mm at bottom 

116mm at neck


Outer width of pegbox 44-30mm
Length of pegbox including scroll 190mm
Width of fingerboard 32mm at nut 

62mm at end

Fingerboard height over table at neck joint 18.5mm (treble side) 

17mm (base side)

Fingerboard & Strings

Fingerboard Length 580mm
String Length  695mm
String spacing at nut 8mm
Height of nut above fingerboard 1mm(A) to 1.4mm(C)
String spacing at bridge 15.8mm
Bridge height at centre above table  96mm
 Action at end of fingerboard  4mm (A), 6.5mm (C)


Body Oil varnish over shellac ground – Satin finish
Neck Neck – Linseed oil
Bridge Linseed oil


Strings Larsen medium tension
Bridge Aubert deluxe
Endpin New Harmony – woven with stainless steel tip
Tailpiece Wittner Ultra with tuners


Finished Instrument Measurements


Cello No.1 (Anna) Cello No.2 (Beryl) Cello No.3 (Clara) Cello No.4 (Doris)
Top plate unfinished weight (without bass bar) 490g  445g 488g 484g
Back plate unfinished weight 669g  700g 785g 734g
Finished instrument weight after setup 3,000g  3,070g 2,940g 3,013g
Top plate mode #1 frequency 28.4Hz   A#1 -44 cents  28.7Hz 26.5Hz G#1 +35 cents 26Hz G0 +2 cents
Top plate mode #2 frequency 58.4Hz   A#2 +4 cents  58Hz 52.6Hz G#2 +22 cents 59.6Hz A1 +39 cents
Top plate mode #5 frequency 120Hz   B3 -49 cents  122Hz 119Hz A3 +36 cents 119.6Hz A2 +44 cents
Back mode #1 frequency 30Hz   B1 -49 cents  31.6Hz 31.2Hz  B1 +18 cents  
Back mode #2 frequency 57.6Hz  A#2 -20 cents  58.4Hz 63.2Hz B2 +40 cents 59.6Hz A1 +39 cents
Back mode #5 frequency 122Hz   B3 -21 cents  120Hz 127.5Hz B3 +55 cents 119.5Hz A2 +43 cents
Body mode finished instrument  94Hz  F#3 +28 cents      
Fingerboard mode finished instrument  95Hz  F#3 46 cents   96Hz F#3 64 cents 102Hz  G3 69 cents  
Three sisters: Anna, Beryl, Clara from left to right

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