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I am an amateur luthier and musician who plays both classical guitar and cello and has been making classical guitars since 2012, cellos since 2015 and more recently violins, violas and steel string and electric guitars too.

I think it really helps me as a luthier being able to play the instruments I make as I know first hand what I am looking for as a player and can then hear and feel the relationship between what I do on the bench and how the instrument feels and sounds under the hand.


The classical guitars I have made are Ramirez 1a copies as well as my own designs drawing on the influence of Romanillos.

The cellos are of my own design after close inspection of a Miracourt instrument I own , Strad drawings and with archings based on the work of Sergei Muratov.

#1 finished
Guitar #1 (Ramirez 1a design – spruce top)

Details of my instrument designs including wood selection, choice of fittings together with pictures and recorded sound clips of the finished instruments can be found from the top menus.

The whole making process from start to finish including workshop jigs is also shown illustrated under Guitar making , Cello Making Process, Viola Making Process and Violin making process.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site.

Enquiries are welcome and visits to my workshop are by arrangement.

Cello#1 “Anna”
Cello no.2 “Beryl”
Cello #3 front view
Cello #4 “Doris”


The violin is based on a Stradivarius form with archings based on the work of Sergei Muratov and my own scroll.

Finished violin – front view
Finished violin – back view
#1 violin – side view
Finished viola “Carice” front
Finished viola back


“Delicious to play, incredibly responsive, gorgeous tone!” — George Shilling, record producer and cellist (Tony Iommi, Texas, Blur, Slade, Steve Winwood, Ocean Colour Scene)

George Shilling 0n Cello “Anna”




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