Violin week 5 – Assembling the box

Gluing on the back

Next I cleaned up the back and rounded the underside of the edges before gluing to the ribs using my homemade violin clamps.

Gluing the back to the ribs with the form still in

Taking out the mold

Once dry i then broke the glue joints holding the blocks to the mold by tapping firmly with a hammer and then carefully pulled the mold out.

Fitting the linings

Once the mold had been removed I fitted the linings to the front side just like for the back and then trimmed them to a nice chamfer with a sharp knife.

Carving the blocks

 I used a gouge to trim up the blocks taking as much as possible off without weakening the instrument.

Then a final clean up to get rid of any glue traces before gluing in the label.

Back and sides with label fitted ready for the belly

Fitting the saddle

I carefully marked the position of the saddle on the top with a scalpel and then deepened the cuts to complete the cutout for the saddle making sure the fit was not too tight.

Belly ready to be glued to the rest of the box

Gluing on the belly

Closing the box

I then carefully filed the inside of the edge curve on the belly and  after making a few marks to line things up properly I glued the top on cleaning up any squeeze out with a hot water soaked rag.

When dry I shaped the saddle to fit and glued in.



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