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Completed Viola #2

This is a repeat of a first very successful commissioned instrument. It is small with a body length of only 390mm (15.4″) that is based on an 1830 Guadagnini and the record of that first build can be found here.

I visited Steffen Nowak again in Bristol to select the wood.  His selection was a little limited due to Covid but still had some lovely figured sets to choose from.  What I ended up with choosing was some well seasoned Bosnian maple from 2011 for the back sides and neck and some Alpine spruce from 1992 for the front.

I am keeping the design the same and the build process for #2 is recorded below:

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See here for documentation.

Here are some pictures of the finished instrument which weighs in at 522g (without chinrest):

Viola #2 front
Viola #2 back
Viola #2 side view