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Audio clips of my guitars

Cello No.2 – Beryl – Completed

I finally completed my second effort at cello making and delivered the finished instrument to George (who christened her “Beryl”)  just in time to play the Stratford Symphony’s summer concert.

Here are a few recordings made at George’s Bank Cottage studio:

And a set of pictures of the finished instrument kindly taken by George .

A complete pictorial record of Beryl’s 6 month build process can also be found here.

Guitar #5 Completed

Just finished stringing up #5 – my first own design classical guitar.


Guitar #5
Rosewood bridge
Guitar #5
Heel detail


guitar #5
Crossbow motif on head


guitar #5
Rosewood back with cocobolo centre strip


guitar #5
Cocobolo bandings


guitar #5
Own design rosette






Here is my comedy attempt at Lagrima!

And here is the Weiss Fantasie:

Guitar #4 completed

My latest guitar was a bit of an experiment but has turned out rather well.

Slightly smaller body volume than earlier guitars and with a side port and dropped table on the treble side to make it easier to reach upper fingerboard.  Also used the more traditional 650mm scale length.

Sound is very liquid and sweet with good sustain and the side port makes it easier for the player to hear.

Guitar #4
Guitar #4









You can see the dropped table here:

Guitar #4 dropped table









Guitar #4 side portAnd the side port here: