Guitar luthier Jig for binding channels

Guitar luthier Jig for cutting binding channels

I just built a very simple guitar luthier jig to help manage cutting the binding and purfling channels using a laminate cutter (small 1/4″ router).


The aim was to overcome a few key problems with my previous design which I use in conjunction with a jig to hold the guitar body level.

  • Vertical movement on the vertical slide tending to stick.
  • Body of the jig too wide to allow working up close to the neck and heel of the instrument.

The essence of the modified design is simplicity.

  • Narrow base that can be easily clamped to table top.
  • Slide constructed from a 22mm copper tube sliding over a 20mm dowel.
  • Horizontal stability from a vertical steel tube that the body of  the jig slides over.
  • Laminate cutter screwed to a base that slots into the vertical slide of the jig.
  • Balance the weight of laminate cutter using thick elastic running over a pulley at the top of the jig.
Photo of finished jig:



Photo of jig to hold guitar body level:



Performance was pretty good and managed my cleanest channels yet.  However the design could still be improved.

  • By using a slightly thicker steel stabilising tube.
  • By providing a locating mechanism to keep the router base engaged with vertical slide.

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